Best Anniversary Gift Ideas 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

These occasions are ones which we all tend to mark as milestones of our lives, they are the special times we want to remember. Be it the anniversary of newly married couples, Mother’s Day, your silver anniversary or the birthday of the family pet.

There are so many ways to celebrate from gift cards, to anniversary rings and hundreds of anniversary gift options in between.

Best Anniversary Gift Ideas 2019

Anniversary Gift Ideas

1. Wine Cooler – Best Any Message Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

 Smad 19 Bottles Wine Refrigerator Compressor Single Zone Free Standing Wine Cooler with Touch Control

This stylish and contemporary, brushed, stainless steel wine cooler will grace any table. It has double walled insulation for effective cooling and can hold most standard wine and champagne bottles.

Steel is the material for an 11th Wedding Anniversary and this Wine Cooler would make the perfect gift!

Personalise this Any Message Stainless Steel Wine Cooler with up to 5 lines of 30 characters each.

Suitable for 70cl wine bottles and has a 10cm diameter.

Weight: 0.69 KG, Height: 19.5 CM, Width: 12 CM, Depth: 12 CM.

2. Photo Cube – Best 30 Days of Kisses Oak Photo Cube

30 Days of Kisses Oak Photo Cube​

This special edition photo cube box is ideally designed for this Valentines Day but can be used for any special occasion.

It is positively oozing (approx 30) with individually wrapped heart shapes of Belgium chocolate just perfect for the one you love.

This Photo Cube  is also a wonderful Keepsake box once all the choccys are gone.

The Photo Box can be personalised  with four line of text 20 characters on each line.

Dimensions 11.5cm x11cm.

3. Charm Bracelet – Best Black Watch Charm Bracelet 21cm

Black Watch Charm Bracelet 21cm​

You can personalise this Black Watch Charm Bracelet with any message of up to 35 characters over 3 lines.

Has a “twist on” 21cm charm bracelet and comes with black and white charms that you simply twist on to the bracelet to make any design you like!

The additional watch charm makes this an ideal but practical gift.

Bracelet comes with 11 charms, you can wear them all at once or pick and choose to your preference.

The set includes-

  • 5 x Black Patterned Beads
  • 2 x Butterfly Clips
  • 1 x Jewelled Butterfly Bead
  • 1 x Jewelled Swirl Bead
  • 1 x Watch charm
  • 1 x Heart Tag

It Comes presented in a gift box! Weight: 0.09 KG, Height: 3 CM, Width: 9 CM, Depth: 8.5 CM.

4. Jewellery Box – Best Butterfly Swirl Rectangle Jewellery Box

Butterfly Swirl Rectangle Jewellery Box​

You can personalise this Butterfly Rectangle Jewellery Box with a name up to 12 characters.

With its beautiful design and studded edge finish, it is great as a gift.
The jewellery box is lined in a black flock fabric.

Jewellery box is nickel plated and is ideal for for Birthday, Anniversary or Mothers Day.

5. Champagne Flutes – Best Celebration Flutes

Gifts Infinity Engraved Wedding Champagne Flutes Set of 2 Personalized Toasting Glasses (Dove)

These beautiful flutes are laser engraved with the key part of the message in large lettering, 5 lines per flute (14 characters for line 1,4, and 5 and 12 characters for lines 2 and 3 which are in bold text).

Can be used for absolutely any occasion. Perfect for Engagements, Weddings, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Birthday or simply just to say Thanks.

The flutes also come beautifully presented in a silk lined box.
Each flute measures – 23cm x 7cm x 7cm

Ideal for Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, Valentines

Weight: 0.639 KG, Height: 21.5 CM, Width: 6.3 CM, Depth: 7 CM.

Personalised gifts

These annual celebrations can be on a personal level for instance Father’s Day or extend to special birthdays where a gathering of the clan and friends is called for. You will want to find the perfect gift, and one which suits your pocket too.

Personalised gifts don’t have to be extortionate in price but can indicate how much thought has gone into the choosing of your gift, and here at Special Family Occasions we understand how important that is. This is why many of the gifts that we have chosen to include here reflect that personalised anniversary gift element.

Anniversary party

The Anniversary party itself can include all sorts of aspects for instance a themed party to remember the year someone was born or a couple married. This can Include choosing favourite music from those periods, we did one from the seventies it was hilarious some of the outfits people wore. If you remember “Jason King” or the “Sweeney” a picture will spring to mind. Or how about anything from before the 50’s to beyond the 80’s.

The clothing can bring out the most outrageous slick back hair and creepers to the ruffled collars of the New Romantics. Or another option might be to reflect their favourite hobby having a birthday camping jamboree, so everyone from all ages can have a massive sleepover. It might require a discussion with a friendly farmer for the use of the field but at least you won’t worry the neighbours. Your options can be as deep as your pockets, gourmet gifts and having a chef cater at your home is one of the many catering options.

Sometimes an anniversary can have an element of sadness too. The passing of a loved one is not celebrated as such but it can be recognised and acknowledged with trips down memory lane, in recognition of a life loved and shared. By giving an anniversary gift it can remind loved ones that the date has not been forgotten; and as long as the date is remembered, it helps to keep those who we have lost close to our hearts.

Some Anniversary Gift Ideas:

Some Anniversary Gift Ideas

Special Anniversaries

Did you know that in Great Britain and the Commonwealth, you are able to receive a message from the Queen for 60th, 65th, and 70th wedding anniversaries, and this is done by applying to Buckingham Palace or to the Governor-General’s office in other Commonwealth countries? If you are a Roman Catholic, you can apply to the Office of Papal Charities for a Papal blessing for wedding anniversaries of a special nature. I believe it is for any after the 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary

In the real world it’s never advisable to forget any wedding anniversary, if you both forget then that’s ok, but how often does that happen? And you know that if you are the one who forgets then you are going to be in big trouble for a very long time and, it is going to seriously cost you in making it up gifts. 

When looking for a unique gift, or a personalised gift, especially when you buy a gift online, you want to be sure you are going to be purchasing one of quality and one which will be just that – a perfect anniversary gift. Well look no further, here at Special Family Occasions we have bought together a wide variety of gift suggestions from suppliers who are passionate about their products.

Each of the people we work with want to ensure you receive exactly what you ordered which is why many of the items have the size measurements included as we don’t want you to be disappointed with your purchase.

23 Wedding Anniversaries and their meanings

The gemstones, flowers and suggestions are from lists which have been compiled – some are disputed whilst others are accepted as traditional, the choice as always is yours. We have placed some suggestions which might tempt you.

First Wedding Anniversary

1st – Gemstone – Mother of Pearl

Gifts – Paper

Flower – Carnation

Second Wedding Anniversary

2nd Gemstone –Garnet

Gifts – Cotton

Flower –Lily of the Valley

Third Wedding Anniversary

3rd Gemstone – Moonstone

Gifts – Leather

Flower – Sunflower

Fourth Wedding Anniversary

4th Gemstone –Blue Topaz

Gifts – Fruit

Flower – Hydrangea

Fifth Wedding Anniversary

5th Gemstone – Rose Quartz

Gifts – wood

Flower – Daisy

Sixth Wedding Anniversary

6th Gemstone – Amethyst

Gifts – Iron

Flower –  Calla

Seventh Wedding Anniversary

7th Gemstone – Onyx

Gifts – Copper

Flower – Freesia

Eighth Wedding Anniversary

8th Gemstone- Tourmaline

Gifts – Pottery

Flower – Lilac

Ninth Wedding Anniversary

9th Gemstone – Lapis Lazuli

Gifts – Willow

Flower – Bird of paradise

Tenth Wedding Anniversary

10th Gemstone – Crystal or green Tourmaline

Gifts – Tin

Flower –Daffodil

Eleventh Wedding Anniversary

11th Gemstone – Turquoise

Gifts – Steel

Flower – Tulip

Twelfth Wedding Anniversary

12th Gemstone – Jade

Gifts –  Silk

Flower – Peony

Thirteenth Wedding Anniversary

13th Gemstone – Citrine

Gifts – Lace

Flower – Chrysanthemum

Fourteenth Wedding Anniversary

14th Gemstone -Fourth

Gifts – Ivory

Flower – Dahlia

Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary

15th Gemstone -Rhodolite

Gifts – Crystal

Flower – Rose

Twentieth Wedding Anniversary

20th Gemstone  – Emerald

Gifts – china

Flower – Aster

Twenty Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Also known as the Silver Wedding Anniversary and apparently in  Ancient Roman days the time when the wife would be presented with a silver wreath to honour the significance of the occasion.

25th Gemstone –       Tsavorite Garnet

Gifts – Silver

Flower – Iris

Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary

30th Gemstone          Pearl

Gifts – pearls can come in all shapes and sizes

Flower – Lily

Fortieth Wedding Anniversary

Also known as the Ruby Wedding Anniversary

40th Gemstone – Ruby

Gifts –

Flower –Gladiolus

Forty Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Also Known as the Sapphire Wedding Anniversary

45th Gemstone – Sapphire

Gifts- so many different sapphires to choose from


Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

Also known as the Golden Wedding Anniversary this is celebration which is thought to originate in Europe  and was celebrated with the giving of a gold garland or wreath.

50th Gemstone – Gold

Gifts – anything gold I’m sure will go down well with the recipient

Flower –Yellow rose, violet

Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary

60th Gemstone – Diamond

Gifts – sparkling diamonds


Seventieth Wedding Anniversary

70th Gemstone – Platinum

Gifts –



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