Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Gift

Birthdays; we love them in our family – we always take the day off just so that nothing at work can ruin our day….. So if we’re not here if you ring you’ll know why. I probably love other people’s birthday more than mine as I love to see the expression on their faces when they open their presents. It’s not the ones that are the most expensive which get that special expression it’s the ones where you’ve really thought about them that really makes my day.

Best Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday gifts can be fun and wonderful to receive but sometimes very difficult to find. Thoughtful gifts can include the personal touch and here at Special Family Occasions we have a wide range of personalised gifts which make for a great gift idea. Birthday presents come in all shapes and sizes and  hopefully when you have have had a chance to look through our ever expanding range you will find the perfect birthday gift you having been looking for.

How to make a birthday special

With all special birthdays be it eighteenth, twenty first or fiftieth birthday each is a milestone in our lives and as such is to be acknowledged and celebrated. A birthday celebration is a great excuse to get family and friends together a time to share food and drink and to express birthday wishes.

Today we are all very busy and taking the time to gather together for a family birthday consolidates the bond between family and friends. A birthday delivery of a floral arrangement can really make someone’s day, it’s such an unexpected surprise when you get that knock at the door. Just an idea if you are searching around for that special gift. Birthday Flowers are wonderful and  florists are very helpful and will ask if you have any particular flowers in mind or a colour scheme and put together a gorgeous arrangement for you. You will definitely score brownie points if you send a bouquet.

Spa days

Spa days

This is a wonderful gift to receive if you enjoy relaxing in comfort. Spas offer such a wide range of beauty treatments from pedicures to massages this is something luxurious and indulgent and should be savoured. So if you have a loved one who could do with being spoilt rotten this is the unique gift for them. You could always get some girlfriends or boyfriends together and spend a group pamper day discussing the best spa treatment.

Gifts for men

Gifts for men

If you are looking for birthday gifts for men there are some very cool gifts which are “experience days”. These can be anything from flying small planes, driving fast cars to spa days or going out for tea at some top posh place the choice is endless – sometimes these may be a bit on the expensive side but for that special someone on their  extra special birthday a group of friends or family could club together to get an experience that the birthday boy will remember for a very long time.

Making a birthday a special day out

Plan it out, this is probably the most important thing to do. Make sure you both take the day off work organise someone to look after the children to take them to school and to pick them up after (if you have any, children I mean)

Then to start the day for the birthday girl or birthday boy, how about breakfast in bed, something special like warmed croissants and marmalade with a glass of fresh orange juice; served on a tray with a small flower in a vase. It’s all in the detail to start the day off with a smile. The rest of the day can be planned out in a multitude of ways as a trip down memory lane, going for a walk in the park, taking a trip to the local  boating pond or having lunch where you had your first official date.


You could take a trip on a train or a bus to a surprise destination, somewhere you have been meaning to visit. Have you been to the seaside recently? There is something very soothing about walking along the beach listening to the sounds of the waves. Memories of ice creams and fish and chips spring to mind along with buckets and spades and castles in the sand.

Why not visit an old market town or walled city and spend the day exploring and then check out the local restaurants to plan for your lunch or evening meal. Alternatively you can buy gourmet food birthday gifts in some of the more well known  chefs restaurants and enjoy a sumptuous meal as a surprise end to the day. By the end of the day you will have made the person you love feel very very special. Mind you, you’ll have to top it next year.

What to do on my birthday

If it is you birthday and you are on your own you may prefer to work as normal, as often colleagues will make you feel special by remembering and wishing you a happy birthday. They might even have bought you a birthday cake for morning coffee break. Start the day off though having something for breakfast which you wouldn’t normally have, something you really fancy. Maybe leave early for work and pop into somewhere to pick up a fresh bacon butty or a naughty chocolate muffin, whatever takes your fancy, just something to kick start the day.

The crux of it is to make it as special as you want it. Buy some presents for yourself during the year not sensible ones, but things you really fancy wrap them up and put them away in a special birthday box. No peeking, and then on your birthday throughout the day you can unwrap a gift and enjoy each one. Make sure you buy yourself your favourite cupcake from the bakery and don’t forget the candle, spoiling yourself can a great gift in itself.

Also why not arrange to go out in the evening with some friends for a meal not necessarily as a birthday party but to just to make it a special occasion. A birthday celebration can be used as a great excuse to take a trip  to the pub or the latest wine bar,if that’s not feasible go to the cinema and enjoy munching on popcorn through the next must see film or enjoy a trip to the theatre with the next big hit.

Children’s birthdays

Children’s birthdays

I think children’s birthday parties can be a nightmare just as you’ve carefully planned the perfect fairytale party your little darling princess she  decides that pink is no longer her favourite colour and that she wants a swimming party instead. I understand completely, been there done that. However today we have so many options with great online sites providing you with virtually everything you need to make whatever themed party you fancy go with a bang. Most little darlings are just happy to have all their mates round to the house all  at the same time and they can run amuck.

I do however think it is very sad in this day and age that you have to make sure that you now have other parents permission to take photo’s of their child and that they have signed a waver if you do take them swimming. It is very hard to tell a child that they are not allowed to get in the picture with all their friends. Maybe it’s my age but my mum never did that, I think she was quite happy to get rid of me for a couple of hours at a party, it gave her a chance to whip to the shops to get the shopping for the week unencumbered. I think it does children good to have the experience of being looked after by someone who doesn’t automatically anticipate their every move and it’s good for the parents too. Experience is a wonderful adventure into the unknown, we have all been there and it wasn’t so bad we all survived.


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